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Balloon Meet Support Services Limited was formed in 1998 to help Clients and event organisers manage
the participation of hot air balloons at shows throughout the UK.

Owned and run by Peter Gray it has established a reputation within the ballooning fraternity for well organised events that
demonstrate the importance of a good working relationship with balloon pilots, farmers and landowners.

The company organised an annual Hot Air Balloon event to a Kent Based client from 1995 until 2000
and has worked with the organisers of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta providing a specially designed computerised support service
for post flight pilot de-briefing annually since 1999 plus several other events.

We offer clients a range of support options from organisation and running of all aspects of balloon activity at an event
to working as part of a pilot registration or post flight debriefing team.

In addition to the above we are also able to provide a personal photographic service to Event Organisers and pilots
and a range of items of ballooning memorabilia for sale to the public.

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